Victoria & Albert Museum


One of the world's greatest resources of art and design since 1837, where all works of art are available to all, to educate the visitors and to inspire designers and manufacturers.  V&A alone has 3.7 million visitors per year including 15 million on-line. As one of the world’s largest collections of cultural heritage, the V&A actively question its own imperialist heritage while offering platforms to elevate unheard voices in contemporary society.

V&A shares their worldwide art platform, shares their audiences and opens the variety of spaces to performative activities and live exhibition approaches, V&A is interested in pursuing more in the future. In the face of Brexit, the V&A continues to explore cross-cultural exchange while developing new and maintaining existing artist bridges with Europe. In addition, the V&A has a standing relationship with Central Saint Martin and Rose Bruford College to create opportunities for emerging performance creators and students.