Student Internship Program

organized by Prague Quadrennial / Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI)

May 1–June 30, 2019

Prague, CZ

The Prague Quadrennial (PQ) and World Stage Design (WSD) are the two largest performance design events in the world, both bringing together top established and emerging theatre and performance creators to showcase their work and exchange knowledge through formal exchanges (such as workshops and exhibitions) and by creating informal opportunities for generations of voices to find each other through social interactions. While both are held on four-year cycles (with two years always separating the events such as with the Summer & Winter Olympic Games), PQ is resident in Prague with WSD finding a new host country each edition under the leadership of its parent organization OISTAT (International Association of Scenographers, Architects and Technicians –, a long-time partner and collaborator of PQ. Coming together and creating an internship associated with both international performance festivals and exhibitions will foster teamwork, support diversity and collaboration, and develop the next generation of artists.


In opening this new internship to participation to all project partners, professional development can happen on several different levels, with team members able to learn through direct practice, from each other and most importantly from the top professionals and artists. These internships will raise the level of employability and will provide each participant with new marketable set of skills associated with running complex performing arts and exhibition projects. By coordinating our efforts and creating a joint PQ/OISTAT internship program for BA, BFA, MA and MFA design, tech and management students, we will be able to establish continuity and provide high level, practice based educational platform every two years. We admitted total of 16 students into the internship for each PQ and same amount for each WSD. Each group have an opportunity to go to both events. Our goal is to create a diverse mixed group of students from which 10 would come from different areas of Europe and 6 from non-European countries. This way we will create a platform for international learning and exchange.


These students take on a diverse set of roles, with each intern being paired with an assignment that best suits their skill set and desired professional development, ranging anywhere from production managers, technical staff, artist liaisons/exhibition assistants, and beyond.

photos: © Jan Hromádko, David Kumermann

© Jan Hromádko
© Jan Hromádko
© David Kumermann