Problematic Perception of Heritage in Post-Soviet Context I to IV

organized by IZOLYATSIA

March 4–April 6, 2019

October 28–November 15, 2019

October 23–November 17, 2019

August 1–14, 2019

Kyiv, Ukraine

IZOLYATSIA Residency Program offered time, space and professional support for work, reflection, research, production, and experimentation. Professional support ranged from technical assistance, assistance in finding local resources and in navigating the city of Kyiv, as well as other cities across Ukraine, to studio visits and peer-to-peer discussions. Residents were also welcome to use IZOLYATSIA’s library and archive, including the unique Donbas Studies corpus. Moreover, residents had a chance to get acquainted with and research Ukraine with its rich contested historical heritage and contemporary situation as a Post-Soviet country with its contextual, ideological issues.

photos: @ Lina Romanukha