PQ Studio: Masterclasses

organized by Prague Quadrennial / Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI)

June 7–15, 2019

Prague, CZ

During the first half of PQ we hosted 6 multi-day intensive result-driven workshops, allowing emerging artists, performers and designers to develop artistic skills in a concentrated environment. Each of these workshops accommodated 10 -20 participants and was led by 1-2 established professionals. These workshops resulted in public performances and in displays that were part of the Emergence Exhibition.  


On completion of these workshops we then hosted a series of 90-minute masterclasses led by leading industry professionals selected through an open call. These masterclasses were open to anyone wishing to participate and explored narrowly defined experiences of scenography/design for performance. Each of these masterclasses accommodated 10-20 participants and were led by 1 or more industry leading professionals. 

photo: © David Kumermann, Jan Hromádko, Saša Dobrovodský