Our Gruesome Cultural Heritage Symposium

organized by HOGSKOLEN | OSTFOLD (Norwegian Theatre Academy/Østfold University College)

October 1–3, 2020

Håøya & Oscarsborg, Norway

Subsequent to the workshops organized within the EMERGENCE framework, its investigations and scenographic realizations, a conference will be held including participating students (or student representatives), organizers (Serge von Arx, Kjartan Fønstelien), Emergence Europe partners (Marina Maleni, Gundega Laivina), local politicians and representatives of the National Norwegian Cultural Heritage and External speakers (TBC) from the fields of art, architecture, archeology, anthropology, sociology, science, engineering, etc.

Our Gruesome Cultural Heritage conference will address different concepts but mainly how history is imprinted into the landscape and materialized remnants, often is not directly accessible by analyzing vestiges. How the vague, the blurry and the hidden can only be accessible through other means: the capacity of the arts, specially scenography to understand and to deal with, remember and remind others about our past.


The conference will directly relate to the 3 workshops realized within Emergence (in Håøya, Nicosia and Riga) and debate correspondent questions from the point of view of artists, archeologists, anthropologists and scientists. It will furthermore stretch into an international context in terms of relevant topics.

More information and programme to be released soon. (May 2020)