Memory of Place Workshop I

organized by Latvijas Jauna Teatra Instituts

August 15–September 15, 2019

Riga, Latvia

“Memory of Place” was an event consisting of two workshops and a public program exploring relationship between design for performance, theatre and architecture. The workshops resulted in two spatial and artistic projects engaging large local and international audiences. Our chosen focus to work in the territory between scenography, theatre, architecture and public space challenged professional horizons of young artists and contributed to their capacity, knowledge and professional development. The common theme of the event was space and memory.


The first workshop was run by Flemish scenographer Jozef Wouters in the site of long-abandoned pavilion at the Vidzeme food market in the center of Riga, proposing future vision of the building based on the memory it contains. Workshop duration was 15 days, followed by site specific installation open to festival audience free of charge.


The site for a second workshop was Estonian Society Building that originally hosted Estonian Society in Latvia and later became a TV studio. Being empty for many years, the building was transformed in the course of two weeks into imaginary theatre during the workshop, questioning conventional theatre infrastructure. Workshop was led by scenographer Dominic Huber, dramaturg Sodja Lotker and collective TAAT (Theatre as Architecture, Architecture as Theatre).