Latvijas Jauna Teatra Instituts

New Theatre Institute of Latvia


New Theatre Institute of Latvia is the organizer of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus , which is the leading performing arts festival in Latvia and one of the biggest in the Baltic region. It takes place in Riga and introduces audiences to both new and renowned artists that seek ways of expressing their views and opinions about the world and the society. Festival offers a range of performances as well as seminars, workshops and other activities. Since 1995 there have been 11 festivals, showing more than 100 different guest performances and producing several new works.


New Theatre Institute of Latvia will share their expertise, in organizing site specific performances and audience development. Thanks to Homo Novus festival theatre artists in Latvia have expanded their knowledge and practice and mastered their capacities in developing site-specific work. Festival has discovered and entered several sites and venues that later on have become autonomous public centers and continue to function as places for culture and the arts. Collaboration with the city and its sites, dramaturgy of the space, site-specific approach and focus on scenography as autonomous and innovative artistic practice have been among the interests of the festival for many years.