Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego


The institute broadens the perspective of reflections on the theatre, implements and supports research, and educational and publishing projects. The Institute manages the largest Polish theatre collection of documents and the portal e-teatr.pl. The Institute coordinates and co-organizes theatrical programs and competitions of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2015 the Institute has launched the project “Placówka” which is intended to enable artists and creative groups with limited possibilities to conduct research on new forms and new language of the theatre.


Instytut Theatralny shares their wide performance and theatre research platform, experts, writers and researchers as well as their audiences. The  Instytut Theatralny introduces a viable topic that will reflect on the current socio-political situation in Poland, where our project focus on national heritage and memory in connection to overall European values generates new energy and bring new audiences.