From shared experience to new creativity.
Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.

1 July 2018 - 30 June 2021

Using performance, the EMERGENCE explores the role of local and global memory in shaping formations of cultural understanding and interpreting heritage in different areas across Europe as a tool and means of connecting established professional designers with emerging performance creators to develop strong dramaturgical and interpretative skills in the next generation

of creators.

The constantly changing patterns of political and socio-economical currents bring forth situations, philosophical conflicts, and events that make up an identity of each generation and each locality. These moments and locations become written into the memory of locations and generations as markers on the shared map of emotions. Yet, these memories are sometimes in conflict with what is written in official history books endorsed by nations, and it is often these history books that shape new generation’s views.  It is through memories of past experiences that people interpret current events, and this is a central theme of our project: Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.

What's next?

The project EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory was completed in 2021. You can read about the individual projects in the EMERGENCE Book that is available to download for free here.

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Project Coordinator



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