Emergence Exhibition

organized by Prague Quadrennial / Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI)

June 6–16, 2019

Prague, CZ

An ever-evolving exhibition was created, exhibiting objects that speak about regional uniqueness and its creative value on the global scale and featuring work of past EMERGENCE projects continuously being re-curated to include new developments, including below described Emergence Exhibition sections. This project was an honor to the practice and making of performance, design for performance, and architecture to bring audiences of all ages to the center of the collaborative partner efforts.


The first presentation took place June 6—16, 2019, and featured all partner activities in an immersive exhibition, featuring not only traditional museum displays but also active performances and interactive experiences. The exhibition was made to travel and have a showing at the Homo Novus festival organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and later in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 2019, where additional workshops will create new materials to be added to the exhibition before moving to a new location. Highlights include objects from all of the EMERGENCE projects, an installation highlighting the work of emerging designers at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the results of the multi-day PQ Studio workshops.


Materials to download:

An e-book companion guide to the exhibition   cz          en

The artbook of Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute: Heralds of a New Order

photos: © Eva Neužilová