Emergence Exhibition: Materials of Conflict

organized by HOGSKOLEN | OSTFOLD (Norwegian Theatre Academy/ Østfold University College)

August 1–Novembre 30, 2020

Norway, Cyprus, Latvia

The collected material samples in relation to the 3 inquiries in Norway, Cyprus and Latvia, will be brought together as narrative agencies. They will shape an innovative library of fragments representing a sensory archive. Memories in relation to the distinct historical contexts at all three places will be maintained also through haptic, and even olfactory qualities beyond the visual and acoustic. Common forms of documentation in theatre, performing arts, performance, scenography and architecture, will be challenged. The materials will be in dialogue with the different sites’ respective and distinct histories and emphasize the process of decay in various time scales. The ecologies of the materials will be reflected in the traces of their mechanical and chemical transformations, which we will investigate as qualities of social memories.


The library of “materialization of conflict” will therefore only be a beginning of a more ample research in materials in different accentuated contexts. The exhibition will be built as an unfolding crate containing all material samples and their narratives. Gathering relevant knowledge will bring the partners together on the basis of their material related contexts. Our investigation also aims at the inclusion of people in an era of mass migration.