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Materials that left behind

Jane Collins, professor of Theatre and Performance at UAL, reflections on Fragments Exhibition

Emergence awakens curiosity 

Markéta Fantová, stage, lighting, and costume designer and artistic director of PQ, in an interview about Emergence project

PQ2019_10_6_pondeli_fullres_JAN HROMADKO
Excellent work that very much needed to be experienced first-hand

Christopher Daniel, architect, designer and director of Polysemic Ltd, reflections on Emergence Exhibition at PQ 2019

The Prague Quadrennial is a little universe with its representation of the whole outside itself

Aziza Kadyrova, artists and BA in Fashion and Textile Design, reflections on the PQ 2019 Internship Program

Scenography is the art of making space able to accept a context

Marina Maleni, board member of CYCSTAT, and of the Cyprus Theatre Museum, member of the advisory body of the Cyprus Youth Board

Jan Hromadko.jpg
Emergence has put the spotlight on problems that are occurring in Europe

Michaela Buriánková, Prague Quadrennial managing director and manager of international projects

Scenography is a story that has been told by space

Gundega Laivina, curator and cultural projects manager, who runs New Theatre Institute of Latvia

Scenography is a blending of architecture and theatre into a time-based spatial art form

Oksana Zarzhevskaya-Kravchenko, main manager of IZOLYATSIA, The Platform for Cultural Initiatives

More about EMERGENCE?

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What we hoped to achieve through our involvement in the PQ 2019?

Ephemera Collective reflections on the PQ 2019

Even the day-to-day flow of the PQ in general (and of Fragments specifically) was spectacular

Jyles Rogers reflections on PQ 2019 and Fragments exhibition

Using a small selection of materials to start with participants responded to the provocations

Antony Nevin reflections on the PQ Studio Workshops