Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC


THOC is engaged in promotion of the art of theatre and cultivation of the theatric sentiment of the people as well as the artistic relations between the theatre world of Cyprus, Greece and other countries.  THOC fosters works from the ancient and new Greek, Cypriot and international dramaturgy in Cyprus and abroad, education and training of theatre and organizes performances in the ancient theaters of the island and other outdoor areas of Pan-Cypriot, Panhellenic or international character. THOC experts are also advisers to the Minister of Education and Culture on any matter relating to theatre.


THOC provides an opportunity to create in a zone that is dividing people of the same culture where both visible and invisible tensions are present. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the situation and forge new connections. Through strong organizational leadership they seek to bring a performative response to the half-century old green zone which lies a mere stone’s throw from their doorstep.